The Starting Point of Digital Marketing Journey in Myanmar

By   June 26, 2017

Myanmar, being one of the world’s developing Nations has a large proportion of it’s more than 50 million people reliant on agriculture. It has many ethnic groupings which actually presents it with a challenge of localising its business and marketing strategies to reach the mass market without the need to merge together the different groups.

digital marketingWith those challenges on its way, Myanmar is still on the path of a real digital transformation. It is headed and has a big opportunity of turning into one of the world’s fully digitalized Nations. This achievement has not been easy to bring about as lots of work has been done to change the people’s mode of thinking. A lot of investment is required to educate the populace, invest in technologies and bring in international groups to offer support. One of the technological giant companies Techsauce which have been on the forefront of bringing technological changes to the developing countries of Asia has played an important role in up starting changes in Myanmar. In order to help businesses come up with workable solutions, Techsauce has come up with some keynote solutions such as:

Businesses should take the step to get the right people with the right knowledge and skills that will drive the business in the right direction. Technology managers who possess the skills to drive the business to the right innovations and harness the right innovation mindset inside the business team.

digital marketingEntrepreneurs to come up with ways of making their businesses global and localised to deal with the challenge of the many ethnic groupings.

Of importance is to study the market clearly and offer customers the solution they need. Businesses here have a challenge in that the current trend in Myanmar’s digital marketing services is based almost solely on Facebook. There is the problem of encoding the Myanmar font which prevents major digital companies like Google to fully taking advantage of this market.

Create a utility marketing ability which will make the people of Myanmar grow socially. This will complement the reliant on Facebook Advertising only as a way of social communication.

Myanmar has a potential marketing advantage as it is endowed with enough natural resources and is surrounded by a fast economically growing region. It is on the right path of economic development and digital development maturity.

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