Where to go when you are in Myanmar

By   October 8, 2018

Myanmar, once known as Burma is becoming a popular vacation destination for tourists. This country is located in Southeast Asia and is rich in history and culture. There are some great places to go to Myanmar. Here is a list of where to go in Myanmar.

This site has a number of historic temples and is surrounded by rich forests. There are ancient Hindu sites and grand platforms. The background for the templates is a mountainous region which offers a breathtaking view. A person can even go on a hot air balloon ride so they can see the sites from up in the air.

This is one of the busiest tourist destinations for those that want an adventure. This location is one the Shan hill and offers a great view of the plains below. The highlands have a nice breeze and there is a great farmers market that has all kinds of freshly grown foods.

This is home to the Golden Rock which is one of the most well-respected Buddhist sites in the country. There is a huge mass of granite on top of the mountain which is an amazing site on its own. This is surrounded by rolling forests. It is said that the granite is hanging in place on the single hair of a Buddhist pilgrim.

Inle Lake
This lake is great for those that want to go on a relaxing canoe ride. There are still homes and stores along the sides of the lake that are made from wood. There are also lush gardens that line the lake. While on the lake a person can top at some sites such as Hpaung Daw U Pagoda and enjoy some fresh foods.

These are some of the best places to visit in Myanmar. This country has a lot of natural beauty and local culture that will keep people busy and allow them to have a nice vacation. Browse some Myanmar travel websites before you start to plan your vacation.